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Asad says: Fawad keeps in Touch, No Contact with Tareen

Asad says Jahangir hasn’t contacted him, while Fawad keeps in touch.

He said, “Fawad Chaudhry keeps in touch with me occasionally. He denied being a part of Fawad endeavor on Friday, in the meantime.

The PTI leader claimed that during his seven to eight days out of custody, he had been going to court. Only the party previous senior vice president had gotten in touch with him, he told journalists.

Umar made his remarks to journalists informally while he was leaving the district kachahri in Islamabad.

In March, while leader Imran Khan was in court for the Toshakhana case, the politician showed up to ask for temporary bail in a case involving the disturbances at the federal capital judicial complex.

In the case, which was registered at the Tarnol Police Station in Islamabad, the politician has been granted bail.

“What association do I have with Jahangir Tareen?” he retorted when asked if he would join Tareen party.

When asked if the senior politician had contacted him, he gave a negative response. Jahangir Tareen has not yet established contact.

After that, a reporter questioned Umar about Faisal Vawda goals as a former party member.

Umar made the decision to stay with the PTI, in contrast to other PTI officials who left the party after the nationwide riots on May 9 that were brought on by Khan arrest in the £190 million settlement case. On the other hand, he resigned as its secretary general and the core committee on May 24.

The ex-minister has consistently denied leaving PTI and switching to a different party. He remarked last week, “I am in the party, no matter how many times you ask [same question].”

Islamabad Conference:

At a news conference in Islamabad, the lawmaker announced his resignation after holding the position for the previous 17 months while denouncing the harm done to military sites during the vandalism and arson. Umar made it clear that he was staying with the party.

The former federal minister stated, “Given the current situation after May 9, it is not personally possible for me to continue performing my party leadership duties.”

“I am giving notice of my resignation as PTI secretary general and a core committee member. The fact that I am vocal and cannot make personal statements while holding office is one of the reasons why.

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