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Ashfaq Satti Suspended After Allegations of Violence Against his Wife

ARY News management has suspended broadcast journalist Ashfaq Satti.

Following his wife Nomaika’s allegations of domestic abuse earlier in the day, broadcast journalist Ashfaq Satti was suspended by ARY News management on Monday.

Karachi police filed a formal report (FIR) against Satti on the basis of Nomaika’s allegation, alleging various offenses such as torture and making threats.

The 27-year-old ex-journalist wife of Satti said that the ARY News reporter had physically abused her and attempted to kill her. A comment on the subject was released by ARY News a few hours after the accusations.

ARY News stated on X (formerly Twitter) that “the ARY Management has taken serious notice on the allegations of domestic violence involving anchorperson Ashfaq Satti.” “With immediate effect, he is suspended until the legal process concludes and a decision is made. Violence and threats of violence, whether they occur at home or at work, are not tolerated by ARY.

Charges leveled at Ashfaque Satti

Nomaika said that Satti had physically abused her and imprisoned her. Additionally, it is said that he attempted to kill her and took their 1-year-old kid away from her.

Nomaika told another journalist about the experience, saying, “On Monday, January 22, my spouse Ashfaq Satti attacked me physically and verbally attacked me. He pulled me by my hair, dragged me across the floor, and repeatedly pounded my head against the door and walls.

He repeatedly attempted to choke me while he sat on my chest.In an attempt to halt my breathing, he placed the pillow on my face. “Tumhe Mar Kar Tumhari Laash Gaeb Kar Du Ga,” he said over and over. “Gi Yaha Mere Hath Sy, Aaj Tu marray.”

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