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Attack on Mosque in Nigeria, one Person Killed, Several Kidnapped

One person was killed in an attack by gunmen on a mosque in Nigeria.

As a result of an attack by armed men on a mosque in Nigeria, one person was killed while several civilians were kidnapped.

According to news, armed assailants attacked the congregation at a mosque in Gasau, the capital of Zamfara province, at night.

Zamfara Province Police Spokesperson Muhammad Sheikho confirmed that one person was killed in the attack and several others were kidnapped, saying that investigations into the incident are ongoing.

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Anadolu was informed by Zamfara State police spokesperson Yacid Abubakar that the gunmen specifically targeted a local merchant.

“Reports with the police show that the armed men killed a businessman in his house while attempting to resist abduction, and thereafter kidnapped his wife,” he stated.

Heavy gunfire, according to Abubakar, drove people to leave the mosque.

However, he said that there were no reports of kidnappings at the mosque to the police. Additionally, he was unable to determine if the military or the police had started an operation to free the kidnapped individuals.

In his Easter celebration message, Army Chief Lieutenant General Taoreed Lagbaja told troops fighting terrorism, banditry, and armed organizations not to give up because the nation has seen an increase in violent incidents recently.

Between January and March, armed gangs abducted around 400 people, including students and terror attack victims who had to flee their homes.

It should be noted that dozens of armed groups in this African country often target villagers and travelers to collect huge ransom. A few weeks ago, gunmen attacked a school in the northwest region of Nigeria and kidnapped at least 287 students.

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