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Avocados & Brain Scanners: Highlights from CES 2023

Avocados & Brain Scanners: Highlights from CES 2023

CES expo in Las Vegas feature startup showcasing innovations in work .

Some of the most innovative devices at the recently concluded CES, such as the Avacado scanner, stole the show. The annual gadget festival’s 2023 edition, which closes on Sunday, has certain highlights, which are listed below:

Brain-Scanning Hat

Similar to the Sorting Hat from the “Harry Potter” books, the iSyncWave rests on top of your head, analyzes you quickly, and then reads its findings.

However, this device lacks magic.

The headset, created by iMediSync, employs artificial intelligence to perform an electroencephalogram (EEG) and predict potential risks of cognitive problems, such as Alzheimer’s disease, within 10 minutes.

The South Korean business thinks their headset might significantly cut both the time and cost associated with doing such diagnostic testing.

One day, it’s also possible that specific treatments for neurodegenerative disorders will be administered through the gadget.

Ready and Ripe

Starting up OneThird, a company that works to reduce food waste, unveiled an infrared gadget that “scans” avocados, the maturity of which appears to depend on chance.

Simply holding an avocado up to the scanner allows algorithms to identify whether it is “not yet ripe,” “ripe,” or “overripe,” and a mobile app displays a color-coded result.

The gadget is also advertised as a way to stop grocery consumers from repeatedly squeezing avocados, which can hasten their deterioration.

One-third of all food produced worldwide is wasted, therefore the name of the company.

Avocados & Brain Scanners: Highlights from CES 2023

Coding without coding

Numerous firms are making it easier for those who don’t know how to code to communicate with technology as computers become more complex every day.

Nadia Giuliani stands behind a small robot at the Tactigon booth, takes two connected joysticks, and claps her hands while saying, “clap.”

Avocados & Brain Scanners: Highlights from CES 2023

The gadget immediately mimics her clapping. She can instruct the robot in dance moves with it as well.

To have a more natural interaction with the digital world, we are increasingly adopting voice instructions and gestures, claims Massimiliano Bellino, CEO of Tactigon’s parent firm Next Industries.

We must humanize how people interact with the digital world, he continues.

The artificial intelligence-based software package from the Italian business is specifically made for factories so that workers can train robots to do jobs rather than manually program them.

Tactigon claims that its algorithms will increase productivity by 30%.

A Clever Punching Bag

The I-Perskin is a wireless sack that can be placed over any punching bag. It has flexible electronic sensors and light-up targets that may be used to guide workouts and assess the user’s strength and accuracy.


A mobile app aids in scheduling workouts and reviewing results.

I-Percut, the French business that created the cover, wants to market it to gyms first.

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