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South Korean Robot Commits Suicide due to Overwork

In South Korea, a robot commits suicide because it is overworked.

By the way, a human commits suicide after being tired of anxiety and mental stress, but this time a robot commits suicide because of the Overworked.

Robots do not have consciousness or emotions like humans, but this amazing phenomenon has caught everyone’s attention.

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According to foreign media reports, this incident happened last Thursday in South Korea when a robot committed suicide after being overworked by the company.

The incident took place in Gumi, South Korea. The robot performed routine administrative tasks in a government municipal office for about a year. The incident has called into question the psychological aspects of artificial intelligence behavior and raised doubts about the exposure of programming flaws.

Officials investigating the robot’s suicide have said that “the robot was doing a quick spin before committing suicide and then deliberately walked towards a 6-foot-high ladder, and jumped from there.”

 Tired of being overworked, the robot committed suicide

The media report said that the American company called Bear Robotics developed this robot. Parts of the robot have been collected and will be evaluated by the company.

The robot’s programming is said to have been tampered with, causing it to start making strange movements and throw itself down the stairs.

This robot worked daily from 9 am to 6 pm. Unlike other robots, this robot could also go to different building floors by calling an elevator.

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