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Launch of Smart Robot Service for Hajj Pilgrims in Madinah

Launch Smart Robot Service For Pilgrims near Masjid Nabawi in Madinah.

The arrival of Hajj pilgrims from all over the world continues in Saudi Arabia, in such a situation, the Saudi Ministry of Health has launched a smart robot service in the center near the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah.

According to the report of the Saudi news agency SPA, the Saudi Ministry has said that the purpose of the smart robot service is to provide educational messages and health advice in more than 96 languages ​​for the safety and awareness of pilgrims from all over the world they have to broadcast.

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The ministry is continuing its fieldwork with 220 volunteers in Medinah. More than 12 teams are active around the clock to serve the pilgrims.

These teams provide health and emergency services at the Prophet’s Mosque and the roads leading to it, Amir Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz International Airport, Haramain Train Station, Quba Mosque Khandaq, Sayyid al-Shahda, and Miqat Dhu al-Hulayfah

Apart from this, 97 smart display screens have been installed at many places including Hajj reception centers, various malls, and health centers.

Various media and social platforms are also being used while health awareness is being provided in five different languages ​​Arabic, English, Urdu, French, and Persian.

On the other hand, in the statement of the Makkah Health Department, it is said that six Hajj pilgrims underwent open heart surgery, and 68 underwent stents.

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