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BBC Appears to be in Trouble After Suspending its Candidate

BBC appears to be in trouble after suspended their leading candidate.

BBC off-aired a presenter who made headlines across the world, bringing humiliation to the prestigious organization that is known for being the most trusted news source for millions. British law enforcement officials are now scheduled to meet with BBC senior executives today.

This is having trouble controlling the growing controversy in the midst of the extensive coverage of the subject.

According to media allegations, prominent BBC broadcaster made sizable payments to a young individual who allegedly used the money to support a drug habit. Presenter name was requested frequently but due to severe privacy rules in Britain it was kept a secret.

According to information obtained, the young individual connected with the BBC host online and engaged in sexual conduct as requested. Accused man continued to work at the station despite parental complaints about the incident. The teen mother accused the man of ruining the life of a youngster by providing him with money to consume cocaine.

The BBC’s frontman reportedly dialed a few numbers in a panicked effort to halt the inquiry.

According to reports, man requested that the 17-year-old contact his parents to request that the investigation be halted.

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