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People Dance to the PPP’s Famous Anthem “Dila Teer Bija” in India

Dila Teer Bija anthem of PPP was recently played in Indian nightclub.

People danced to this energetic song at a club in India. Despite being separated by Borders, Indians, and Pakistanis have used the internet multiple times to come together virtually, An club in India recently played the Dila Teer Bija hymn of the Pakistan Peoples Party.

The internet was inundated with videos of people dancing to this energetic tune at a bar in Hyderabad.

Look it over!

The popular song by Shabana Noshi is also well-liked outside of Japan.

Indian fans have previously sung or danced to Pakistani music. The two nations are now united in a way they have never been able to before thanks to millions of Indians and Pakistanis. Despite Pakistani music’s troubled past, Indians have enthusiastically embraced it.

What even politicians find challenging has been accomplished by the younger Indian generation’s love of Pakistani music. Once more, the song demonstrated how boundaries are irrelevant to music.

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