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Blue Smurf Cat Meme Goes Internet Viral

Blue Smurf cat has taken over Tiktok as a viral meme with #шайлушай.

A basic blue Smurf cat-like creature named Shailushai has become extremely viral online. The song “The Spectre” by Alan Walker is mainly played in the backdrop of these videos. Artist Nate Hallinan created the image in 2014 after picturing what the blue creatures would be like in reality.

Everything is covered in blue Smurf cats. The trend was once restricted to TikTok, but it has since spread to sites like YouTube, Instagram, and X.

From the feed or even the comments section of these platforms, the charming little blue cat-like creature is staring back at you with its black beady eyes clearly apparent. Even in the video games Roblox and Minecraft, the tiny blue Smurf cat made an appearance.


The fact that these animals were the only thing users ever saw on their feeds has even prompted some users to protest, and others have urged TikTok to halt the practice.

As was already established, The Spectre by Alan Walker is frequently coupled with the blue creature, also known as Shailushai or шайлушай. The sentiments spoken by Shailushai in “We live” are perfectly portrayed in the song. We adore. We lie.

The #smurfcat videos have received more than 691.9 million and 443.1 million views, respectively, and its rapid climb to stardom is no laughing matter.

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