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Crackdown on Dollar Smuggling, Rupee Stable

Curbing US “dollar” surge: Focus on hoarding and smuggling control.

According to the details, the effective government crackdown against the smuggling of dollars is going on across the country, in the last one week, the rupee has been strong and the US dollar has fallen.

The perimeter has also been tightened against elements who create artificial shortages by hoarding currency exchange, including those doing illegal currency exchange business.

According to a report, the value of the dollar decreased in the interbank and open market last week, the dollar became cheaper by 6 rupees 10 paisa in the interbank market last week.

Apart from this, the dollar traded at 296 rupees 85 paisa from 302 rupees 95 paisa in the interbank market. During the week, the rupee also strengthened in the open market and the dollar became cheaper by 7 rupees.

According to the report, the dollar was sold at 297 rupees from 304 rupees in the open market.

Euro sold at Rs 325 to Rs 324 after falling by Rs 1 last week. Pound sold at Rs 381 to Rs 379 after falling by Rs 2 last week.

In a week, Saudi riyal fell by 1 rupee 10 paisa to 79.70 rupees, Emirati dirham decreased by 2 rupees 30 paisa, Emirati dirham was sold at 83 rupees from 85 rupees 30 paisa.

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