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Burqa has been outlaw in Switzerland as well

Bern: Swiss parliament unanimously approves bill to outlaw the burqa.

Two years ago, Switzerland held a referendum to outlaw the burqa, and according to the World News Agency, 51 percent of the vote supported the ban. As a result, the last phase of constitution making has been completed today.

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A bill to outlaw the burqa in Switzerland was tabled today after the upper house approved it based on the results of a referendum. Only 29 members opposed the bill while 151 supported it.

Violation of the legislation could result in a fine of 1,000 francs or $1,116 after the Swiss parliament approved a bill to outlawed the burqa.

Following the passage of the burqa ban bill, it will now be illegal to cover your lips, nose or eyes in public or private, with some exceptions.

After France and Belgium, Switzerland is the third country in Europe to outlawed the burqa. The burqa is worn by only a small percentage of the Swiss population.

It should be noted that the referendum was held as a result of continued pressure from the right-wing Swiss People’s Party to outlaw the burqa.

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