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Canada to Evict 700 Indians for Fake Visa Documents

700 Indian students in Canada face deportation over false documents.

Students from different parts of India who had submitted fake visa documents paying a lacs amount to come to Canada have recently received deportation letters from the Canadian Border Security Agency (CBSA).

The pupils had applied for research visas via Education Migration solutions (located in Jalandhar) headed by Brijesh Mishra.

The company had recharged every one of them over Rs 1.6 million for many expenses entry this is certainly including to institute ‘Humber College’ excluding air seats and security deposits.

These students successfully were able to go to Canada on a scholarly research basis in 2018-19 but the bubble had been burst when these pupils sent applications for permanent residency (PR) in Canada after which it the admission offer letters were analyzed and were discovered phony.

The visas had been granted into the pupils in line with the exact same entry letters.

Some say most of these learning students had currently completed their particular scientific studies and had also got work permits and gained work experience but regarding the issue of PR, they arrived in big trouble.

Nevertheless, it’s true that the PR option of Canada is what pulls the pupils in the spot that is first failure to secure that will leave the pupils large and dry.

The fraud, certainly one of its kind, has delivered shockwaves over the pupils who’re today focused on no PR for their future in sight.

Commenting from the problem, a expert this is certainly jalandhar-based said that this kind of cons numerous factors like forged offer letters of universities, forged fee payment receipts may take place.

“In this situation, almost all of the pupils had been provided the provide letters of these universities where they did not study eventually after landing in Canada.

They were either shifted with other universities or requested to wait for the semester this is certainly next that is, maybe not in the semester which was shown when you look at the documents at the time of obtaining visas,” another consultant from Kapurthala told Indian Express.

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