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Canadian Prime Minister direct reply to Modi

PM Trudeau denies PM Modi plea, proceeds with Khalistan referendum.

According to the report of the world news organization, there have been many discussions between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on topics like Khalistan movement and foreign intervention.

The Canada government, according to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has always placed a high priority on citizens’ rights to freedom of expression and non-violent assembly, and supports moral outrage over hate speech and violence.

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The Canada Prime Minister said that the first duty is to respect and follow the law. A few people who do this do not represent the entire nation.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed these views while talking to the media after attending the G-20 summit in India.

It should be noted that the Canadian Prime Minister has made this statement at a time when voting is taking place in the capital of Canada to separate from India and create a separate country for Sikhs.

Previous attempts by India to block the Canadian Khalistan vote have always been futile.

The current Khalistan Referendum site in Canada is the Gurdwara where separatist leader Hardeep Singh was assassinated.

Hardeep Singh’s parents cast their first vote in the referendum today.

Leaders of the Sikh separatist movement have accused Indian agencies of killing Hardeep Singh, and the Canadian government is looking into the case against Indian opposition.

Note that over 7.5 million Sikhs live in Canada, making it the second largest Sikh community in the world after India.

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