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Case of Arshi Shopping Mall Center Karachi: Four People Burned Out

Fire at Arshi shopping mall in Karachi controlled; 4 dead, 1 injured.

Details indicate that yesterday, a Arshi shopping mall in Karachi’s FB area near Ayesha Manzil caught fire. The building has shops on its first two floors and residential apartments on its upper four floors.

The shopping center fire resulted in the rescue of over 100 individuals. Together, the Fire Brigade and Pakistan Navy managed to put out the fire. It was a third-degree fire that was put out, according to officials.

The building affected by the fire has been sealed by the Sindh Building Control Authority. The building next to Ayesha Manzil was totally destroyed by the terrible fire, turning it into a pile of ashes. A number of cars and ten motorcycles were also set on fire.

Maqbool Baqer, the acting chief minister, became enraged when the fire department took longer than expected to arrive. In addition to interim Chief Minister Ahmed Shah and Mayor Karachi Murtaza Wahab, additional officials also made it to Ayesha Manzil to assess the rescue efforts.

In response to the fire at the Ayesha Manzil shopping mall, Sindh Governor Kamran Tesori formed a committee to look into the fire department’s delayed arrival. Commissioner Karachi will chair the committee.

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