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Chahat Fateh Ali Khan Announce Candidacy for NA-128 Upcoming Elections

Singer Chahat Fateh Ali Khan enters politics, surprising followers.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, the famous musician Chahat Fateh Ali Khan disclosed that he has reportedly filed his candidacy papers for the forthcoming National Assembly elections from NA-128, Lahore.

Wearing a green shalwar kameez, the singer greets the audience in the video with his trademark goofy attitude. Then, he declares in the video that he has filed his candidacy papers for the NA-128 Lahore constituency of the National Assembly.

Through the help of his attorney, Chahat—real name Kashif Rana—has turned in his nomination paperwork.

This decision surprises many as Chahat Ali Khan, with over 1.9 million YouTube subscribers, carved a niche with catchy songs and viral videos.

It appears, nevertheless, that the endearing singer has political aspirations and wants to exchange mics for parliamentary seats.

Not much is known about his campaign; Chahat did not personally file the nomination papers; instead, a lawyer did.

This gives his political ambitions more mystique, making supporters and supporters alike wonder what motivates this surprise entry into politics.

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