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Singer “Malko” was Detained After Performing a Song for Imran Khan

Pakistani singer ‘Malko’ arrested for singing a song for Imran Khan.

A video is circulating on social media claiming that the Pakistani singer Malko has been arrested to singing a song for PTI Imran Khan.

In the video, it can be seen that the singer Malko is being held by the police and is being taken off the stage during the concert.

As soon as the above video went viral, the news is circulating on social media that Malko has been arrested because of Imran Khan.

In fact, Parks and Horticulture Authority organized a folk fair in Sargodha from 7th to 13th December in which Malko was also invited.

Malko performed various songs at the folk fair and also sang his song ‘Qeedi No 804’ written for Imran Khan who is in Adiala Jail.

The video of this song went viral on social media, and people were seen predicting that ‘Malko Par may be getting pregnant’.

In a video that later went viral, Malko was seen walking away with the police, claiming that Malko had been arrested for singing ‘Qeedi No 804’ for Imran Khan.

On social media, fans of the singer and fans of Imran Khan are seen expressing extreme anger and outrage over the news of Malko’s arrest.

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