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China Mulls Ban on Clothes that ‘Hurt Nation’s Feelings’

China revises banning clothes deemed “detrimental to Chinese spirit.”

The modifications might be made in response to Chinese President Xi Jinping’s broader assault on civil liberties. Because of long-standing hostilities between China and Japan, one recent crackdown saw the imprisonment of a woman for wearing kimono clothes in public. On college campuses, there have also been recent instances of people flying LGBTQ+ flags or sporting rainbow-themed attire.

The Standing Committee suggested modifications focus on conduct that it deems “detrimental to the spirit of the Chinese people and hurt the feelings of the Chinese people,” without outlining the specific transgressions.

Offenders risked up to 15 days in jail or fines of up to 5,000 yuan, or around $680.

The law revisions raised worries from Chinese social media users, who questioned how the government would decide when Chinese feelings are offended. According to others, the new law might result in arbitrary punishment.

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