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Classes at KU Resume After Teachers Postpone Boycott

Academic resume at University of Karachi after faculty ends boycott.

Almost 300 professors attended the Karachi University (KU) Teachers’ Society (Kuts) general body meeting where it was decided to delay the boycott of classes until March 6.

We are delaying the boycott until March 6 in the interest of all students. Teachers will be obliged to again cease academic activity if our requests are not met by this date, according to a resolution passed by the house, which was presided over by Kuts president Prof. Solaha Rahman.

Additionally, the forum requested that selection panels meet three times per week, and a full calendar was made public.

Demands for the appointment of a permanent director of finance and the settlement of unpaid fees for evening sessions were also included in the resolution.

The KU staff has been calling for the release of the full schedule of the 2019 advertisement’s selection committee, as well as the immediate release of these teachers’ January salaries. They have also asked the chancellor to drop the management’s legal challenge to their appointments to the Department of Mass Communication.

It is important to note that the situation at Karachi University (KU) has gotten worse recently. At a Kuts general body meeting earlier this month, it was declared that teachers would boycott all academic and administrative operations unless the date for the selection boards was made public.

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