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CSS Exam 2022 Scandal: FIA Exposes Answer Book Replacement

FIA probes CSS exam 2022 scandal investigation of answer book replace.

Following the filing of a First Information Report (FIR), the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has opened a comprehensive investigation into claims of answer book replacement in the CSS exam 2022 scandal.

The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) officer, two candidates, and another person are all named in the FIR as being involved in the illegal operation’s planning.

Mumtaz Hussain Shoukat, the former Deputy Director of the FPSC, and other individuals are expected to have their roles in the FIR closely scrutinized as it develops.

The controversy casts doubt on the validity of the CSS exam, a vital source for hiring senior government officials.

A complaint from a whistleblower triggers action.

The Director General (Administration) of FPSC, Islamabad, Unsar Hayat Gonsdal, filed a whistleblower report that prompted the filing of the FIR.

The FIR was filed after the complaint sparked an investigation (number 322/2023) that turned up shocking information about the alleged wrongdoing.

Nadeem Mohammad Khan, an Assistant (BS-16) assigned to the FPSC Secrecy Branch, and Ali Sher and Hular Ahmed, two CSS applicants, are among the accused.

According to the FIR, Khan may have been able to swap out the two students’ answer sheets from the CSS Exam 2022.

Under an internal investigation led by Syed Ahmed Babur Zaidi, Zaheer Parvaiz Khan, and Akbar Hussain Durrani, it was discovered that Nadeem Muhammad Khan had substituted the genuine answer booklets that Ali Sher and Hular Ahmed had attempted in the exam rooms for the ones that Nadeem Muhammad Khan had used.

The purported manipulation was done in order to generate financial profits totaling one million rupees.

The serial numbers of the replacement answer books were found to be different from those on the attendance sheets in the exam rooms during the internal investigation.

Additionally, of the twenty-four answer booklets that were examined, twenty-two were not provided to any exam hall or center by the examination cell for the CSS 2022 exam.

The Pakistan Penal Code’s sections 34, 161, 409, and 201 as well as the Prevention of Corruption Act’s 5(2) and 47 PCA have been cited in the FIR against Nadeem Muhammad Khan, Assistant FPSC (BS-16), and the two candidates who are under investigation, Ali Sher and Halar Ahmed. The FIR also names Muhammad Ibrahim as someone who allegedly helped the operation along.

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