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Why Pakistani Young CSS Officer Bilal Pasha Commits Suicide?

Trends on social media after tragic death of CSS officer Bilal Pasha.

Posts and stories showcasing CSS officer Bilal Pasha humility are all over social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and X.

Many users are sharing the untold story of Bilal Pasha’s journey amid the outpouring of condolences, raising questions about the real Bilal Pasha and the reasons behind his devoted following.

An X handle disclosed that Bilal Pasha was from a lower middle class family. He first pursued a private career, but in the end, he did as his father had asked and took the CSS exam.

He was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Bannu Cantonment Board in 2018. Bilal never disguised his impoverished upbringing, not even in his initial interview. Sadly, he eventually met a tragic end as a result of the difficulties and demands of his role becoming too much for him to handle.

“Death captures life when people from substandard backgrounds achieve success,” a user aptly observed. Since Bilal’s death, social media has taken on a somber tone as condolence messages and expressions of grief have been shared widely.

A user on X says, “He has gone to mother,” expressing the profound emotional impact of Bilal’s sudden passing.

Bilal says to have more than 37.1k Instagram followers (@bilalpaasha). Both colleagues and admirers have praised his understated but influential online presence.

His digital legacy is now a virtual monument honoring a public servant who is committed to giving back to the community.

Officials are quoted in a Daily Dawn report as saying that Bilal shot himself inside his official residence, despite social media and other publications suggesting that he suffered a cardiac arrest as a result of depression.

To find out if there is evidence of Violence or if it was a suicide, the police have launched an investigation.

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