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Death Toll From Building Collapse in Iran Rises Four

According to reporters on Monday, numerous buildings fell in Tehran capital city Iran, death four Iranians, including two police officers.

The collapse of unauthorized constructions in the Iran southwest of Tehran resulted in the death of four persons, including two officers and two civilians, according to news agency on Monday.

According to reports, rescue efforts were under way to locate any further people who might be buried beneath the rubble.

reporters claims that five more buildings collapsed while authorities were starting to tear down one.

The structures that collapsed “did not comply with construction safety measures,” according to a police statement cited in the story.

According to local newspaper, a city official from Tehran claimed on Saturday that over 46,000 illegal structures had been destroyed by officials in the previous two years.

One of the deadliest such instances in Iran occurred in May 2022, when a building collapsed in the southwest of the country, killing 43 people.

The collapse of the 10 story Metropol building, which was under construction in the Khuzestan province city of Abadan, provoked nationwide demonstrations against corruption and inept government officials.

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