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Death Toll in Hamas Gaza Passes 14500 on 47th Day of War

Israel, agree to 4-day Hamas Gaza ceasefire amid hostage exchange.

The details state that since October 7, 14,500 Palestinians many of them women and children have died in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas Gaza, while bombing has destroyed homes, schools, and hospitals.

Details of the cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas were made public by Qatari officials. 50 hostages were freed in exchange for a 4-day ceasefire with Hamas. Israel is reportedly planning to free 150 Palestinian women and children, according to Arab media.

The Israeli tanks will break the siege of Gaza, according to reports from Arab media. This is in accordance with the terms of the cease-fire agreement. Gaza will allow trucks carrying food, fuel, and medical supplies to enter.

However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that he would step up his attacks on Hamas after the ceasefire ended, claiming that the ceasefire’s decision was challenging. Drones will only be turned off for six hours every day.

Israel’s aggression continued in spite of the cease-fire declarations. Israeli planes killed 200 more Palestinians, bombing hospitals and refugee camps. The international community welcomes the temporary ceasefire.

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