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Israel Bombed a Refugee School in Gaza

Israel bombed Gaza taking refuge in the school, and 29 were martyred.

Israel bombed Gaza taking refuge in the school, Gaza’s health ministry says the Israeli warplanes bombed the Al-Awda school in Ansan city, south of Khan Yunis, where displaced people were staying.

The Israeli army killed 29 more Palestinians in an airstrike on a refugee camp in Gaza.

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Most of the martyrs include women and children, more than 53 people have also been injured in the attack, many of the wounded are in critical condition, and the death toll is expected to increase.

In a statement, Gaza’s official media office said displaced families were sheltered at a UN-run school.

Israel had no immediate reaction, but it has admitted to carrying out three other assaults on Gaza schools that serve as displaced people shelters since Saturday.

The humanitarian pier constructed by the US military will be rebuilt on a beach in Gaza and utilized for many days. Several US officials have informed The Associated Press that the aim is to pull it out permanently.

UN experts have accused Israel of conducting an “intentional and targeted starvation campaign” in Gaza, resulting in the deaths of children.

Israel’s outgoing Central Command chief in the occupied West Bank has condemned Netanyahu’s far-right government’s ambitions to seize more Palestinian land amid a surge in settler violence.

In response to the Israeli bombing, Hamas has warned that attacks on civilians could jeopardize peace discussions.

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