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Dozens Killed in Israeli Bombing on Gaza School

27 people killed & dozens injured in Israeli bombing of school in Gaza.

According to the Gaza official media office, which is controlled by Hamas, at least 27 people were killed and several wounded in an Israeli Bombing of a United Nations school in the center of the Gaza Strip, al-Nuseirat.

According to reports, Israeli airplanes targeted at least three classrooms with missiles.

The worst conflict in Gaza’s history began on October 7 with Hamas’ offensive on southern Israel, which killed 1,194 people.

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According to the health ministry of Hamas-ruled Gaza, Israel’s subsequent bombardment and ground offensive killed at least 36,586 individuals, the majority of whom were civilians.

Due to the way it conducted the war, Israel has come under increasing diplomatic pressure, with lawsuits against it pending before two international courts and the recognition of a Palestinian state by several European governments.

Since January, UNRWA, which oversees almost all aid to Gaza, has been embroiled in a crisis as a result of Israel’s accusations against approximately twelve of its 13,000 employees stationed there for their involvement in the October 7 attack.

According to its head, Philippe Lazzarini, Israel “must stop its campaign against UNRWA,” as stated in a New York Times editorial piece last week.

Sticking Points

The most recent attack occurred as negotiations to try to negotiate a ceasefire and hostage release agreement were resuming on Wednesday between US, Qatari, and Egyptian mediators.

Last week, US President Joe Biden unveiled what he described as a three-phase Israeli plan to stop hostilities for six weeks while aid is increased and hostages held in Gaza are swapped for Palestinian detainees.

Biden’s plan has received support from the G7 and Arab nations, but there are still issues. For example, Israel has categorically rejected Hamas’ demands for a lasting ceasefire and an Israeli pullout.

A meeting “between the Qatari prime minister and head of Egyptian intelligence with Hamas in Qatari capital Doha to discuss a deal for a truce in Gaza and the exchange of hostages and prisoners” was held on Wednesday, according to a person with knowledge of the negotiations who spoke with AFP.

After months of negotiations, Biden has pushed Hamas to accept the agreement and sent CIA Director Bill Burns to Qatar, the location of the organization’s political office, to redouble efforts.

According to the source, Burns will “keep working with mediators on getting Hamas and Israel to agree on a ceasefire in Gaza and the release of hostages.”

Before this, Biden informed the emir of Qatar that “Hamas is now the only obstacle to a complete ceasefire” and that Israel was “ready to move forward” with the conditions he had laid forth the previous week.

According to Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, any offer that satisfies those requirements will be “dealt with seriously and positively” by the organization.

March through Jerusalem

Three thousand Israeli policemen were stationed in Jerusalem in advance of the yearly march by right-wing activists honoring Israel’s victory over the Arab-Israeli conflict in 1967 by taking over the Old City.

The march passes through the Muslim Quarter of the city and ends at the Western Wall, drawing Zionist youth organizations and Israeli religious extremists. In recent years, Israeli-Palestinian hostilities have been sparked by it.

In other parts of the region, hostilities have also erupted between Iran-backed armed groups in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen and Israel and its supporters.

The Hezbollah organization in Lebanon and the Israeli army have engaged in almost daily cross-border gunfire, which has resulted in fatalities, forced large evacuations, and started wildfires on both sides.

Israel is “prepared for a very intense operation” along its border with Lebanon, according to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who also declared on Wednesday that “one way or another, we will restore security to the north.”

The State Department stated that any “escalation” there would jeopardize Israeli security, seemingly serving as a warning from Washington to Israel not to act on Wednesday.

An AFP count shows that since early October, at least 455 individuals have died in Lebanon as a result of violence, the majority of whom were fighters but also included 88 civilians.

According to the Israeli army, at least 14 troops and 11 civilians have died.

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