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Decision not to load-shedding gas for consumers in winter

Islamabad gas firms vow no winter load shedding: morning, afternoon.

With plans to import 1 billion cubic feet of LNG, local gas production is likely to exceed 3.6 billion cubic feet per day in winter, sources told the news.

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According to the sources, 5 billion cubic feet of gas per day will be available in the system in winter, the highest demand of gas is predicted to be 6 and a half billion cubic feet, the gas will decrease by one billion cubic feet per day. . However, gas supply to domestic consumers will be prioritized over gas supply to the power industry during winter.

Sources claim that the timing of gas delivery to general industries, gas supply to CNG sector and domestic sector depends on availability. Zero rated companies are also expected to be exempted from gas load shedding. Consequently there will be no gas load shedding in the morning, afternoon or evening.

According to sources, the gas load management plan will be completed by mid-October, approval will be obtained from the federal government and will be implemented from November to March next year.

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