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Bomb Blast Rocks Mosque in Baghlan Province

Possible bomb blast during Friday prayers at Imam Zaman Mosque, Kabul.

Although initial indications imply that a suicide bomber may have detonated nearby, the exact nature of the bomb blast is still unknown.

Although multiple fatalities have been claimed, unverified fatality counts have surfaced. However, authorities are anticipated to release more precise data in the next few hours.

In reaction to the tragedy, the town’s authorities are probably going to impose more stringent security measures, which might result in disturbances like road closures close to the explosion site.

The director of the Baghlan Information and Culture department. But he added that after preliminary evaluations, further information about the kind of explosion and the precise number of casualties would be released.

Islamic State terrorists have launched an insurgency against the Taliban-run government in Afghanistan, claiming several fatal strikes on foreigners, civilians, and Taliban security personnel in recent months.

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