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Destructive Weapons are Ready Ships Equipped Set to Join Pakistan Navy

PNS ‘Shahjahan’ and Tipu Sultan commissioned; Chief Guest Amjad Khan.

Destructive air-to-air missiles, available on Tughral-class Pakistan Navy ships, will prove incredibly lethal against the opposition.

Threats from combat management systems and anti-submarine warfare can be handled by these ships.

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What is the role of the Pakistan Navy?

The objectives of the Pakistan Navy are to defend Pakistan’s maritime interests and deter aggression on the high seas. Maintaining a combat-ready naval force capable of winning wars, and maintaining maritime independence.

To accomplish this task, the Navy needs professional sailors who can maintain and use the latest technology to maintain the best navy in the world.

How many types of navy are there?

Aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers, frigates, corvettes, submarines, and amphibious assault ships are the seven primary categories of modern naval vessels.

Both Pak Navy warships are manufactured in China. Pakistan Navy Chief of Naval Staff Admiral M Amjad Khan Niazi said two hulls have already been inducted and two more are to be delivered in 2023, expected to be Chinese-built Type 054A/P frigates. will become an important position in the Pakistan Navy.

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