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Doona!: Netflix New K-Drama Series Premieres in October

Highly romance drama ‘Doona!’ with stellar cast set debut on Netflix.

A wonderful story of love, dreams, and unforeseen turns of fate is what the Doona! series claims to be. What we do know about the upcoming episode is as follows:


The central plot of Doona! centers on the surprising union of a former K-pop idol and a college freshmen. The show digs deeply into the path of Won-jun, a regular college student, who meets Doo-na, a retired K-pop idol, and they end up moving in together.


  • As Lee Doo-na, Bae Suzy
  • as Lee Won-jun, Yang Se-jong
  • Yu-bi Lee
  • Kim Se-wan
  • Jin-wook Lee
  • Ah-sung Go
  • Lachicha

Release date

On October 20, Doona! will make its Netflix debut.


On her poster, depicted being discussed while she takes a break from her roles as a celebrity and a K-pop idol. In addition to showing his conflicted emotions, Won Jun’s poster also shows how her lines keep popping up in his consciousness. These two obviously each have their own set of issues, yet they care about one another enough to experience some friction while they are together.


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