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Hackers Put Data of 2M Pakistanis for Online Sale

2.2M Pak-citizen’s data sold online after restaurant database breach.

According to reports, the hackers included samples of some residents’ data in the online sale advertisement.

The hackers named numerous businesses, claiming, “We have breached the databases of over 250 restaurants.”

According to information, the leaked citizen data includes their contact information and credit card information, and the infected software is used by hundreds of businesses around the nation.

Additionally, the information, which includes how many times and how much a citizen has paid, is for sale online.

Citizens personal information is available for 2 Bitcoins, which adds up to $54,000 given that one Bitcoin is now valued at $27,000 according to market sources.

Two bitcoins are worth more than Rs15 million in Pakistani rupees.

According to the Cybercrime Circle of the Federal Investigation Agency (FBR), no complaints have been made in this regard thus far.

It was observed that a variety of industries, including the financial and banking sectors, are using AI goods and services globally to speed up business growth.

The letter had added, “It has been learned that Pakistan’s fintech sector, including a few banks, is involved with Indian-origin companies that are selling them IT products, Cyber Security and AI solutions, etc.

It had also stated that the “use of Indian security products/solutions” posed a dual threat to Pakistan’s CII, especially the banking industry, that was persistent, covert, and force multiplier in nature.

A “possibility” of “backdoor or malware” in the goods to gather “logs/data traffic analysis and personal identifiable information (PII)” was one of the factors noted.

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