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Dutch Actor Donny Roelvink Accepted Islam

Another Dutch actor and singer Donny Roelvink has accepted the Islam.

Famous Dutch model and actor Donny Roelvink recently made headlines by openly declaring his accepted to Islam.

The Dutch actor suffered a severe injury after being struck by a car during filming, breaking his ribs and puncturing his lung. He later received a cancer diagnosis, but with treatment, he recovered.

He claims that all of these encounters forced Donny to search for spirituality, which he discovered in Islam.

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The world was shocked to learn that he had converted to Islam. This year, he also observed Ramadan.

Donny Roelvink Accepted Islam
Donny Roelvink Accepted Islam

He is currently in the United Arab Emirates, where he visited numerous mosques, diligently followed the entire month of Ramadan at a mosque, and ultimately converted to Islam.

Roelvink, who lives in the United Arab Emirates, became fully engaged in Islam and observed the holy month of Ramadan in close proximity to mosques.

He embraced Islam as a result of his growing understanding, stating that his main goal was personal development. He emphasized his continuous learning process and expressed appreciation for the encouraging words from followers all across the world.

These are fantastic messages, and I want to express my gratitude. I don’t believe I’m at all in that situation yet. I hope that this process of learning is respected, he continued.

In a video message, Roelvink alluded to the day he converted to Islam and added, “I don’t think many people have noticed that I had a special day yesterday,” according to a Dutch publication.

He went on, “This was captured on camera, shared online, and extensively covered by the media. When I act in that way in front of a big crowd, that was to be expected.

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