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After Gaza War, Hezbollah Launched most Profound Attack on Israel

After the Gaza war, Hezbollah launched most profound attack on Israel.

Hezbollah organization in Lebanon, which receives support from Iran, announced on Tuesday that it had carried out its most extensive drone attack into Israel territory since the start of the Gaza War, targeting military installations north of the city of Acre.

Although the Israeli military claimed to have intercepted two “aerial targets” near Israel’s northern shore earlier on Tuesday, it stated it was unaware of any of its installations being targeted by Hezbollah.

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Retaliation for a previous Israeli attack that killed one of Hezbollah’s fighters, the group alleged. The group released what looked to be a satellite image, showing the hit area as a red circle surrounding a flash that was located midway between Acre and Nahariyya to the north.

Two Hezbollah fighters were killed by Israeli airstrikes in southern Lebanon, the military reported early on Tuesday. Later on, Hezbollah acknowledged the passing of Hussein Azkoul, one of its fighters, but gave no other information.

A fighter in Hezbollah’s elite force, the Radwan Forces, was killed in a separate Israeli strike that occurred overnight on Monday and Tuesday, according to the military. Hezbollah has not yet acknowledged his death.

About 270 Hezbollah members and 50 civilians have been killed by Israeli strikes since October. About twelve Israeli soldiers and half as many civilians have died as a result of missile and drone attacks by Hezbollah. Tens of thousands have been displaced by the shelling on both sides.

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