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ECP Issues Date for General Elections in Country

Pakistan’s general elections set for February 11, Election Commission.

The lawyer for the Election Commission, Sajeel Swati, responded that the country’s general elections would take place in February when the Chief Justice questioned him about whether the Election Commission had provided the date of the elections during the 90-day hearing on the election case.

According to today latest news the Supreme Court was notified about the election schedule by the Election Commission. Constituencies and other preparations will be finished on January 29 and nationwide elections will take place on February 11.

According to the council’s details, the final lists will be finished by December 5 and will take anywhere from three to five days to complete. The commission added that January 29 is when we will arrive at the 54-day mark from December 5.

According to the commission, Sundays were chosen for the elections because they would be more convenient for voters. The first Sunday is February 4th, and the second Sunday is February 11th.

According to today news headlines the Chief Justice stated that the Election Commission ought to be held accountable for meeting the finalized date. No more back and forth should occur. The chief justice declared, “We will bind the Election Commission instead of doing their work ourselves.”

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