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Government Issues iPhone Cybersecurity Advisory

Pegasus spyware targets Apple iPhone users, warns Cabinet Division Advisory.

The advisory describes the “Blast Pass Exploit,” according to latest news a sophisticated exploitation method that leverages iMessage feature vulnerabilities (CVE-2023-41061 and CVE-2023-41064) to spread zero-day and zero-click malware.

Even the most recent versions of iOS, such as the current 16.6, can become infected by the cyber virus known as Blast Pass without any interaction from the user.

According to latest news headlines Apple promptly responded to the issue by issuing a corrective recommendation for iPhone users. They have now begun to send out alerts to customers, informing them whether they are at risk of being attacked by state-sponsored actors or the Pegasus spyware.

Particular Safety Measures for the Blast Pass Exploit

  • Upgrade to iOS 16.6.1 or later right away, as it contains the majority of security updates pertaining to current attacks.
  • In order to prevent the Blast Pass attack, activate lockdown mode (optional; maximum security mode).
  • Turn off the iMessage function on iPhones.

Common Security Procedures for Apple Users

  • Using two-factor authentication on Apple ID and secure devices with secure passcodes are recommended.
  • Install software exclusively from the official Apple Store to prevent infection or malware.
  • When browsing the internet, use anonymity-based solutions to conceal the identities of important individuals and appointment holders.
  • Disable location on Apple devices at all times.
  • Sign up for Apple’s threat alerts, automatic OS updates, and security bulletins.
  • Refrain from using phones in delicate situations or meetings.

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