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Elon Musk as Elon Khan Spotted in Pakistan

Viral meme transforms Elon Musk into ‘Elon Khan’ in Pakistani attire.

The billionaire, that has been regarded as the man who is certainly richest on the planet for a long time is observed walking on a Pakistani road as being a poor man Elon khan. But exactly how? Because he purchased fruits in Pakistan.

The increasing prices of fruits in Pakistan have angered and frustrated many when you look at the nationwide country with several individuals even planning to boycott purchasing all of them. However, as always, we handle humor, and this time and energy to our problems, it is one meme making rounds on social networking.

Into the thirty days, this is certainly holy of, extremely common for families to have good fresh fruit chaat within their iftar meals. With soaring fruit rates that is a challenge for people.

“Elon Musk after buying fruits for Fruit chaat in Pakistan,” several people posted the image aided by the caption.

The meme moved viral on numerous social media marketing systems Twitter that is including, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

“this indicates that @elonmusk is time this is certainly spending the poor in Pakistan in disguise. I usually believed he was nice and kind-hearted,” a user remarked sarcastically.

“Elon_Khan,” another joked.

A user indicated the same sentiment inside a different meme while hundreds of individuals provided the meme. The complete body, after purchasing fruits in Pakistan in their joke, Elon Musk destroyed their limbs, in reality.

The same picture of “Elon Khan” had been was used for a joke this is certainly various.

“Rare photo of Elon Musk who used to operate as an electrician in a remote town this is certainly Pakistani moving to the US for better profession customers,” a user posted.

Another individual revealed another type of form of a Pakistani Elon Musk.

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