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Elon Musk is likely to surpass all other influencers on Twitter

Elon Musk is likely to surpass all other influencers on Twitter

Elon Musk Poised to Top Twitter Influencer person on January 17, 2023.

Influencers Person ElonMusk, already has 120 million followers, trailing only Barack Obama, the former US president, who has 130 million. And, after a spectacular surge in the month after acquiring Twitter, Mr. Musk’s will surely overtake, according to Social Blade statistics. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The social media business has never seen a platform with a CEO who is also its most prominent figure. So, if Mr. Musk becomes both Twitter‘s CEO and its “influencers,” what are the ramifications for both the billionaire and the website?

BBC News sought the opinions of experts.

Influencers Person Musk is gaining 270,000 followers a day

Despite recent issues, Mr. Musk’s Twitter popularity is apparent and expanding. According to Social Blade, he has acquired 268,303 followers per day on average over the last 12 months and lost followers in just five days, all of which may be attributed to news events.

He lost roughly 200,000 followers on November 12, when Twitter announced huge job layoffs – and because he is sure to have received new followers that day as well, the true number who unfollowed him must have been substantially higher.

“Elon Musk is now the primary character on Twitter,” says social media analyst Matt Navarra. “Having a CEO who is a huge influencer on the platform has certain benefits in some respects because it makes him extremely accessible to people.”

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is also a celebrity, but he is not a frequent poster on Facebook, according to Mr. Navarra, and his posts are more business in tone. Twitter’s inextricable ties to Mr. Musk, a contentious figure, might pose a dilemma for the company. “He is highly aggressive and provocative, and some may even say poisonous,” adds Mr. Navarra. “And he might be perceived as potentially extremely harmful by brands.”

Kate Baucherel, an emerging technology expert, says: “Wrapping the CEO’s personality into the personality of the platform jeopardizes any neutrality or diversity. A white male US citizen does not represent the entire planet.”

Influencers Person Musk is tweeting 70% more since buying Twitter

Mr. Musk, who was already a voracious tweeter, has been tweeting 76% more frequently since purchasing the site, according to Social Blade. On Tuesday, November 22, he sent out 75 tweets, including posts, replies, and retweets. This is a new high for him. “It’s fantastic to have a CEO who uses the product,” says an unnamed former senior product manager at Twitter.

And it should not obstruct Mr. Musk’s management of the firm. But he adds: “People that tweet a lot, in my opinion, are hooked – and probably egotistical. There aren’t enough fascinating things to say to the entire globe for someone to tweet more than five times a day.”

Mr. Musk now tweets once every 15 minutes during typical waking hours. He does, however, occasionally post at odd hours, such as 02:00. The experts we consulted with all agreed that although having a CEO engrossed in his or her platform might be beneficial, the sort of stuff Mr. Musk is releasing could be harmful.

Sexual images and cursing have appeared in recent tweets. In response to critics who said he was destroying Twitter, he shared an interpretation of a meme depicting a guy smiling at a cemetery during a funeral.

Mr. Navarra

Mr. Musk is a key engagement driver for Twitter, with his latest tweets bringing in a considerable number of new users or reactivating old ones. “We simply need to look back to another individual who has an alarming lot of parallels… with Elon Musk,” he argues.

“Trump was also a tremendous generator of activity and engagement through his tweets, which I’m sure benefited Twitter. “However, I believe he is a net negative in terms of the issues it brought with it for content control and harmful content.

“Elon Musk has a comparable influence on the platform.” After the assault of the US Capitol building in Washington in January 2021, Twitter permanently suspended President Trump, claiming “the risk of future instigation of violence.”

Following a referendum among Twitter users, Mr. Musk reactivated his account on November 19, though Mr. Trump has not posted since.

Influencers Person Musk follows only 129 people

Elon Musk is likely to surpass all other influencers on Twitter

Mr. Musk has gained 8.6 million followers since purchasing Twitter, yet he has only followed six new people in that time, bringing his total number of followers to 129. When Jack Dorsey was CEO of Twitter, he followed around 3,500 individuals. Former President Barack Obama has 570,000 followers.

Following so few people, according to observers, restricts Mr. Musk’s view of what others are talking about on the social network. “He has no concept what typical users’ experiences are,” claims the former Twitter manager.

“For example, he never sees advertisements since we only deliver advertising to the top 1,000 or so people. As a result, he would not have grasped that aspect of the product before purchasing it.” Mr. Musk allegedly urged Twitter’s marketing staff that advertisements should “look like tweets,” despite the fact that the company’s ads were already tweets.

Mr. Musk’s biased experience on the platform as a top influencer, according to the former Twitter manager, may also impede him from knowing how to develop and expand it. Twitter is a smaller social network than others, and “average time spent was a serious barrier to our growth and ad revenue.”

“People who are devoted users spend a lot of time on the site – but they need to figure out how to boost the time that the masses spend,” says the former Twitter insider. Mr. Musk is met with alerts every time he comes into his account, making him feel good and desire to stay on the site. However, this is not the case for the vast majority of consumers.

One of Mr. Musk’s primary ambitions is to get a billion Twitter users. There are currently over 300 million, which is the number of followers Mr. Musk will have in two years, according to Social Blade forecasts.

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