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Elon Musk Learning About Wide Muslim Explorer Ibn Battuta

Ibn Battuta, top traveler, acknowledged by Elon Musk most rich person.

The computer enthusiast Elon Musk claimed he is presently studying Ibn Battuta, an astonishingly well-traveled Islamic traveler, in a post on his platform Twitter, now called X.

The Explorers podcast was suggested by the billionaire, who praised it as an excellent source of knowledge.

Traveler and scholar Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta from Morocco is renowned for his extensive journeys throughout the Islamic world and beyond.

Due to his incredible distance traveled and his accounts of the various civilizations, societies, and places he visited, Battuta was recognized as one of history’s greatest travelers and explorers.

Ibn Battuta training

Ibn Battuta had early training in Islamic law after being born into a family of intellectuals in Tangier, Morocco. He started a pilgrimage to Mecca but later decided to extend his journey.

He covered almost 75,000 miles in his travels throughout the years, passing through North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, India, Southeast Asia, China, and some of East Africa.

The difference between the various civilizations, languages, and landscapes Battuta encountered astonished him.

His renowned travelogue, Rihla, in which he described his observations, experiences, and interactions, chronicled his incredible traveling.

In 1354, he allegedly made his way back home, where he worked as a judge for several years. He passed away in 1368, leaving behind a legacy of exploration and cross-cultural interaction.

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