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Fake Notes Currency Circulating in Karachi by Gang.

KARACHI: Police arrested gang involved in circulating fake currency.

The officials of the Khokhropar police station arrested five men accused of circulating fake notes that is counterfeit in different markets in Karachi.

Police said that the accused worked in a gang that circulated notes that are fake markets. Additionally, police found fake notes worth more than Rs118,000.

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) adopted the best measures to detect and curb banknotes that are fake.

While talking to the ARY News program Bakhabar Savera, SBP Director Finance Qadir Bakhsh gave a briefing that detailed differences in fake and real currency notes.

How to identify fake currency note

The thread contains the number “5000,” which is the denomination. The front of the note has silver dashes that represent the thread.
The metallic thread shows as a line when the note is held up to the transmitted light. When seen under bright light, the security thread shows vivid yellow and blue bands.

To identify the currency that is fake Pakistan, you must trace the portrait of Quaid-e-Azam with your fingertips. If the outer line of the watermark on the side that is front rough, the note is likely genuine. However, it is counterfeit if it feels smooth or rough on both sides.

Holding the note up to light transmitted and inspecting the edges of the watermark for perforations is another way to verify the note’s authenticity. Counterfeiters often prick notes from the back with tiny needles to give them a hard texture.



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