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Imran Khan Claim PML-N and ECP are Responsible for the Audio Leak Scam

Khan accuses PML-N and ECP of involvement in the audio leaks scandal.

The PTI Chairman once more asked that ECP CEC Sikandar Sultan Raja submit his resignation, and Imran further argued against the Toshakhana case’s open hearing, claiming that the long march is not far away from here during his meeting with journalists. Claiming that the people would head to the long march in large numbers, the former premier Imran challenged that no one could stop them PTI from staging a march that is long and imran said that pmln ecp are the responsible audio leaks.

Claiming that due to the PTI, overseas Pakistanis are facing a ban on joining the political party, Imran said that then there is no need to take remittances from them if the overseas Pakistanis are not ‘acceptable. Imran asked for information from the ECP regarding the status of the cases involving the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan People’s Party funds (PPP).

Fair and Free Elections

The PTI supremo Imran reiterated that then the country would not bear the consequences if fair and free elections will not be held. The former minister that is prime added that the process of the appointments of the CEC and its members, as well as the NAB Chairman should have to be changed.

“With the Daska election, I learned that the whole game had shifted. I fully believe that the plan to already disqualify me has been made”, claimed Imran.

Taking a jibe at his political opponents, Imran said that he has been saying from the day that is first his opponents are not ‘democratic’, but rather ‘criminals’. Imran flayed the government that is incumbent went on to say that he expressed his gratitude to the coalition government for making the cypher ‘alive’ again. Imran stated in response to a question on the by-elections that the PTI will come out on top even if there is election rigging.




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