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Famous Indian actress Tabu father is a Pakistani

Famous actress Tabu spoke about her Pakistani father for the first time.

Actress Tabu never responded to the news and rumors circulating on Indian websites that her father was a Pakistani star, but she spoke about him while giving an interview to Indian media.

Regarding her Pakistani father, Tabu reportedly told Indian reporters that he never saw him after her parents divorced when she was three years old.

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Actress Tabu said that my Pakistani father married my mother after divorcing her. Although I have never met him, my elder sister Farah Naz has met him several times.

The Bollywood actress claimed that although I was brought up by my mother and grandmother, I never used Hashmi with my name. While my birth name was Tabsum Fatima Hashmi.

He said that my father was a well-known personality of Pakistani films in his time. His name was Jamal Hashmi.

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In Hyderabad, India, Jamal Hashmi married Rizwana, a female teacher, into a Muslim family. He and his spouse Jamal Hashmi moved to Pakistan after their marriage.

Jamal Hashmi’s married life was surrounded by problems. His quarrels with Rizwana became so intense that they ended their marriage.

His two daughters are actresses Tabu and Farah Naaz, Tabu was born on 4 November 1971.

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