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Tv anchor Iqrar ul Hassan got married for the third time

TV anchor Iqarul Hassan married anchor Aroosa Khan for the third time.

Islamabad: Well-known presenter and anchor Iqrar ul Hassan married news anchor Aroosa Khan for the third time. Fans have been speculating about Iqrar’s third marriage for a long time but his third wife’s response from a social media user confirmed it.

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Aroosa Khan gave her reaction after a picture of Aroosa Khan with Iqrar’s family went viral on social media.

Through an Instagram Q&A session, the news anchor sated fans’ curiosity.

Aroosa announced her marriage in response to a question.

After a fan questioned her choice between Iqrar and Pahlaj, she replied with a heartfelt “Both”.

They were congratulated on their marriage and promised to take care of Iqrarul Hassan.

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This is the third marriage of Iqrarul Hassan. His first marriage took place in 2006 with a newscaster Quratul Ain Iqrar. Both also have a son.

In the year 2012, he confirmed his second marriage to Farah Iqrar.

It is noteworthy that Quratul Ain Iqrar did not show any displeasure over her husband’s previous marriage. Farah said in a recent interview that she is ready for Iqrar’s third marriage.

His third wife Aroosa Khan is a news anchor who has worked on several platforms. Currently, she works in SA Digital, a platform run by Iqrar.

She is a resident of Okara and has known Iqrar for a long time.

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