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Federal Minister for Education Madad Ali Sindhi has Resigned

Caretaker Federal Minister of Education Madad Ali Sindhi has resigned.

Madad Ali Sindhi has Resigned, president Arif Alvi accepted the resignation of Education on the advice of the Prime Minister.

On the other hand, the caretaker federal minister for parliamentary affairs, Murtaza Solangi, has said that the government has approved a project worth Rs 25 billion for the provinces and Rs 70 crore for Islamabad to improve the education rate in the country.

In response to questions in the Upper House meeting, he said that Pakistan Education Statistics, which is a subsidiary of the Ministry of Education, conducts a survey every five years in the country to see how many children are out of school.

The prior survey took place in 2016-17. Subsequently, a survey conducted in 2021-22 presented data specifically for Islamabad. Out of 81 thousand children, 71 thousand had returned to schools, constituting a ratio of 86 percent.

He said that the provinces should play an active role in this regard, after the eighteenth amendment, the education department has gone back to the provinces and now it is their responsibility to bring back the children who are out of schools.

He said that the federal government has allocated 25 billion rupees under PSDP to improve the rate of education in the entire country and 70 crore rupees have been kept for Islamabad.

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