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First woman member of assembly elected from Chitral

Suraiya Bibi, an independent candidate from Chitral, has been elected as the first woman member of the assembly.

She is the first woman from Chitral to become a Member of the Assembly, she created history by winning the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly seat PK One Chitral in the general elections.

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She is the first woman from Chitral to serve as Member of Assembly from Chitral region.

He defeated his closest rival Jamiat Ulma Islam Pakistan Fazal’s Shakeel Ahmed by a margin of over 8000 votes.

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Suraiya Bibi secured 18,914 votes out of a total of 130,189 registered voters, including 60,645 women and 69,544 men. The elections saw a high turnout rate of 50.48%, which shows the enthusiasm of voters in the area.

For the women of Chitral, who have long been marginalized in a traditional and male-dominated society, her victory is a monumental achievement.

Suraiya Bibi’s success also challenges the stereotypes and barriers that have prevented women from participating in politics in the region.

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