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Government Increase Petrol Prices by Rs 4.53, Diesel by Rs 8.14

Govt increase petrol & high-speed diesel (HSD) prices until April 30.

On Monday, the government increase the prices of petrol and high-speed diesel (HSD) for the upcoming two weeks, ending on April 30.

Under the revised rates, a liter of petrol cost Rs 4.53, or Rs 293.94, and a liter of HSD cost Rs 8.14, or Rs 290.38.

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The Finance Ministry said that the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority made these modifications to correspond with changes in prices on the international market.

petrol, which is primarily used in cars, rickshaws, and two-wheelers, has a big financial impact on middle-class and lower-class households.

On the other hand, HSD, which is commonly used in trains, large trucks, buses, tractors, tube wells, and threshers, and other agricultural machinery, has a significant impact on the cost of necessities like vegetables.

Notably, the government decided not to declare changes for light diesel oil (LDO) and kerosene. Kerosene is used for remote lighting needs and is sometimes abused by being mixed with gasoline, whereas LDO is used in grain mills and some power plants.

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