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Hania Aamir Shared a Video With Indian Singer Badshah

Pakistani Actress Hania Aamir Share Video With Indian Singer Badshah.

Hania Aamir Shares Video With Indian Singer Badshah. Following her public controversy with musician Badshah during a cricket match in Dubai, Hania Aamir was criticized.

Considering their past social media posts, their shared moments at the event raised questions about their relationship, which were photographed and posted on Instagram.

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Badshah sings the iconic Pakistani song “Kala Jora” for Hania, further fueling speculation.


Although their amicable interaction gave the impression of being nice, several supporters in Pakistan and India took issue with it.

Fans were especially critical of Badshah over his relationship with Hania, expressing dissatisfaction and pleading with her to reevaluate her association with the Indian musician.

Social media users voiced their support for alternative celebrities and a boycott of Hania’s work during the outcry.

This episode brings to light the intricacies of international business relationships in the entertainment sector as well as the impact of prominent personalities on public opinion.

Hania and Badshah’s exchange, inadvertently, rekindled discussions concerning cultural diplomacy and the influence of famous figures on public opinion.

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