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Imran Khan Asks Govt Declare Elections Or Face a Long March.

Imran Khan Asks govt Declare Elections Or Face a long March.

Khan demands immediate elections or threatens to continue long march.

Imran Khan stated at a press conference after the by-elections that the vote was a referendum against the PDM, and that the country had spoken.

He added because the existing administration set up foreign interests, the nation wants a primary election and rejects it.

Imran Khan added that the current administration has no interest in Pakistan because its assets are located abroad. The worst-case scenario for Pakistan’s economy won’t affect them.

He declared that the “Azadi March” of his party wouldn’t postpone past October. “I’m giving the government a couple of days to announce the elections; if not, they might happen at any point this month. I can start a lengthy march.

Long March’s Preparations

Imran khan declared the long march‘s preparations are finished. They have no more time, and no matter what they try, they will fail.

In addition, he declared that he will file a case in the Supreme Court against the abuse of PTI Senator Azam Swati, whom he degraded in front of his family.

He also asked the institutions to prevent the current administration from being in power for too long since doing so would be disastrous for the nation.

The PTI leader added that the party has been preparing to contact foreign organizations to protest Azam Swati’s incarceration torture and argued that no law in the entire globe permits this penalty for a contentious tweet.

Asserting that the nation has been progressively heading toward default, Imran Khan also bemoaned the government’s economic policies.

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