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US Says Pakistan can Get confident Nukes after Biden Ruckus.

US Trusts Pakistan’s Nuclear Arsenal Management Post Biden’s Concerns.

“The US convinced of Pakistan’s commitment and its capabilities to secure its nuclear assets,” State Department spokesperson Vedant Patel told reporters.

The official continued, “The US has always valued our long-standing collaboration with Pakistan and has always seen a stable and prosperous Pakistan as essential to US interests.”

At a private Democratic Party fundraiser in California on Thursday, Biden casually mentioned Pakistan’s nuking program as he started talking about the difficulties facing China’s President Xi Jinping, a strong ally of Pakistan.

“And Pakistan, which I believe to be among the world’s most dangerous countries. According to a White House transcript, Biden added, “Nuclear weapons without any cohesiveness.”

Pakistan, which pleased in the only Islamic countries with a nuclear weapon, called US Ambassador Donald Blome to express its displeasure.

Responsible Nuclear State

According to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, Pakistan is a “responsible nuclear state,” He also stated that safety precautions are taken “with the utmost seriousness.”

Biden’s comments shouldn’t damage relationships, according to Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, who also noted that the president wasn’t speaking at an official event.

Bhutto Zardari, who recently paid a visit to Washington, advocated for more communication, but Biden showed little enthusiasm for speaking with his Pakistani colleagues in person.

However, USAID Administrator Samantha Power and State Department Counselor Derek Chollet also paid visits when disastrous floods struck Pakistan, according to Vedant Patel.

He continued, “We consider this connection as crucial, and we’re going to continue deeply engaged in it.

On October 18, the MOFA summoned US Ambassador Donald Blome and delivered an official demarche on President Joe Biden’s comments regarding Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. The US envoy also informed Islamabad that Pakistan’s nukes resources are secure.



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