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Imran Khan Criticized Govt for Passing Resolution Against SC Decision

Khan criticize government for National Assembly resolution against SC.

Imran Khan criticized that the PDM administration approved an illegal move in the Supreme Court along with criticizing the judiciary in the National Assembly.

The former prime minister took to Twitter to accuse the Pakistan Democratic Movement of trying to thwart the elections at any cost.

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He said that in the next day’s meeting of the National Security Committee, the delay in the elections will be supported on the basis of security.

The PTI leader claimed that PDM’s actions would not only bring the armed forces before the judiciary but also directly before the nation.

Khan wrote in a tweet, “It is now clear what PDM wants – any way out of the elections,” Khan wrote in a tweet, introducing the NA resolution criticizing the Supreme Court‘s unconstitutional move and the judiciary.

Paid NSC organized a meeting yesterday to delay and postpone the elections. In this situation, the armed forces will stand against the nation as well as the judiciary.

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