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India Involved in Johar Town Blast Lahore, Three Terrorists Arrested

India Involved in Johar Town Blast Lahore, Three Terrorists Arrested

India behind Lahore’s Johar Town blast that killed three, Pakistan to raise matter at international forums, CTD official briefs on investigation into Lahore blast.

LAHORE: Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said Tuesday that undeniable proof of India’s involvement was explored in the investigation of the Johar Town blast that happened in Lahore in June 2021.

The IG CTD, along with Rana Sanaullah, held a press conference to detail the progress on the probe in the Johar Town blast case. According to details, additional IG Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) Punjab stated in a media briefing that major advancement has been made in the investigation of the Johar town Lahore blast, simply saying that ‘undeniable evidence has been found which exposes Indian-sponsored terrorism in Pakistan.’

He also revealed that India paid its ‘terrorists’ in Pakistan through a variety of channels. Interpol issued a red warrant for three terrorists linked to India’s intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), who were found to be involved in the Johar Town blast. Interpol had issued red warrants for three RAW agents, Sanjay Kumar Tewari, Waseem Haider Khan, and Ajmal, he revealed.

He is also optimistic about having obtained red warrants for the surviving terrorists involved in the bomb blast. The Red Warrant does not guarantee that India will hand them over to the suspects, but it does restrict their travel within India. During a media conference, he stated that several RAW agents, including Peter Paul, Sajjad Hussain, Zia Ullah, Samiul Haq, Eid Gul, Ayesha Gul, Naveed Akhtar, Saleem Sheikh, and Uzair, had been apprehended in Pakistan.


furthermore, the IG stated that a terrorist named Peter Paul was in full control of the Johar Town Lahore blast. ‘Who was in contact with the Indian intelligence agency RAW,’ he continued to say. Initially, Peter and his assistant, Sajjad Hussain, were detained. The third terrorist, Zia Ullah, was detained by police after being spotted by Peter before the investigators.

Sami-ul-Haq was detained by police five days later, following the arrest of Eid Gul and his wife Ayesha Gul. Samiul Haq, Zia Ullah’s brother, was apprehended while crossing the border in Balochistan. Samiul Haq is also in charge of supplying the funds to the other recipients. The investigation has found that Samiul Haq has been a Raw agent for the past ten years and has been involved in terrorist actions in Pakistan.

He went on to say that Naveed Akhtar was a Pakistani national and competent laborer when Saleem Sheikh, a Raw agent, approached him and offered him a quick release from jail. In exchange for his freedom, he began committing terrorist acts in Pakistan on RAW orders. The IG CTD Punjab stated that Naveed was completely ignorant of his accomplices’ arrests then when he arrived at Shahdara Lahore to meet them as planned and was arrested.

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