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K-Electric Users to Get Bill Relief

K-Electric Users to get Bill Relief

ISLAMABAD: The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) on Wednesday announced a lower power cost Relief for Karachi residents.

Details indicate that K Electric asked NEPRA for a decrease of Rs 1.88 per unit, as a result of which NEPRA announced a fall in electricity costs of Rs 2.45 per unit Relief in bill. The price reduction would only be in effect for one month.

The notification stated that “the decrease in electricity tariff is attributable to the monthly fuel adjustment of October.”

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It is important to note that consumers who purchase more than 300 units or charging stations for electric vehicles are not eligible for the fall-off pricing.

On account of the fuel costs adjustment (FCA) for November 2022, NEPRA reduced the electricity rate for K-Electric (KE) subscribers by Rs 7.83 per unit last month.

On November 30, NEPRA will hold a public hearing on KE’s request for a power rate reduction. The KE customers will receive relief from their electricity prices the next month with the approval.

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