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Indian Agency RAW Involved in Killing of Pakistani Citizens

Foreign Secretary claims RAW involved in killing Pakistani citizens.

Foreign Secretary Syrus Sajjad Qazi has said that the Indian intelligence agency “RAW” is involved in the killing of Pakistani citizens.

While giving a press conference in Islamabad, he said that Shahid Latif was killed outside the mosque in Sialkot.

Pakistani citizen Muhammad Riaz was killed in a mosque in Rawalkot, Indian agent killed Muhammad Riaz through a hired killer, security forces arrested the hired killer who confessed to the crime.

Indian agents have been found involved in terrorism and other incidents of killings, India is violating the integrity and sovereignty of Pakistan.

The murdered Muhammad Riaz and Shahid Taif were peaceful citizens and their only fault was that they exposed the brutality and brutality in Kashmir and the hideous face of India.

The investigative bodies have authentic evidence that this entire targeted killing campaign. I included Indian nationals in third countries who were directing and controlling the campaign in addition to funding it.

India has killed various innocent people in terrorist acts in other countries including Pakistan but has not provided any concrete evidence about their activities, India is engaged in continuous violations of international laws.

Indian intelligence agency “RAW” is playing the role of a global terrorist organization, even before this, extrajudicial killing plans carried out by Indian agencies in Pakistan and internationally under the auspices of the state have been exposed.

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